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Linda Ricchio began her career in health insurance in the mid 1990’s when she worked in customer service for a local health insurance company.  It was during this time she discovered her passion for helping people.  She developed her talent of simplifying health insurance’s complex benefits and processes into easy to understand terms.

In 1999, we opened the doors at LMR Insurance in Yarmouth, Maine.  Our knack for service caused the business to grow quickly through referrals.  Customer’s frequently comment that Linda has eased their concerns with her expertise and understanding.

We represent groups of all sizes, whether there are 3 employees or 1,000, with the exact same style of personalized, attentive service. This is the difference that the agency makes, anyone can get you the exact same policies and premiums, it’s the follow-up afterwards that makes us stand out. We understand that insurance can be expensive, and if you do not fully understand your policy you could be denying yourself care or leaving money on the table – this is where we pride ourselves on our ability to make health insurance far less intimidating.

In 2016, Joe Ricchio joined the team as Account Manager and is available for appointments statewide. E-mail us for a free quote today!

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